From my heart...

At this point in my career I feel great, my mind is perky, my marriage is sweet, and I still have a lot to say through my guitar and my music. I knew my calling by age 13 and it has never changed.  I desire to make and write deep heartfelt music until my life is over. 

Today I still have the same intensity and musical passion I felt at that young age, and when I play my instrument, I feel God is somehow communicating both with me and through me... It is such a joy! HE is the source of all good things, including all of our talents and gifts, so it's an honor that I can use mine to give back to Him.

That said, I plan to release some new music soon, which will feature a lot more aspects of my songwriting and playing styles. A humble thanks to all for visiting my site & checking out the music... there is much more to come!